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Please write a little bit about yourself (Gaming Experience or Real Life): I have a decent experience

Previous ArmA units/groups: no

Why would you like to join us (At least one paragraph of why): i heard that this was going to be a good experience. and that i would need to be committed and i like commitment

How did you find us: my brother told me about this

Are you willing to download the mods we require (approximately 23.3GB)? Do you require help installing mods? We recommend using PlayWithSix, however you may use whatever method you choose. [Yes/No] yes

Mark if you cannot attend mandatory amount of operations. []

If you were recruited by a member of the unit (SEPARATE FROM THE PERSON WHO DID YOUR RECRUITMENT), please list name here: CW2. alutismo

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Re: enlistment

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Please use the full format and resubmit
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