About the 509th


To the 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment, an ArmA 3 realism unit!

We are a growing unit that have been around the ArmA community for quite a long time now. We own a dedicated server on which you will find 2 public servers (One regular and one modded), 1 private server where all our weekly operations are being held at and 1 training server where we have every fridays some trainnings going on to all newcomers and current members to keep us up-to-date on tactics and more.

509th PIR was created by Drifter in early 2016 with a bunch of guys from a previous unit that split apart. That bunch of guys beleived in making an ArmA Unit based on: teamwork, fun times, maturity, dedication and family. We can now say that we stand at 40+ players every saturdays operations. Plus our small weekly operation for fun to keep us entertained.

Join Here

Joining the 509th PIR is fairly simple. All what you have to do is to go on our Forum under the "Enlistment" section. Then proceed to the "Enlist Today" to find the "Aplication Format" post that will direct you to further instructions on how to make your own application for the 509th PIR. (Note that you dont have to create an account in order to do so.)
Under the "Application Format" topic, you will be provided with more informations about what we expect from you, what roles are currently available, some questions about you so we get to know who you are and more.
Be advised:
  • We expect our members to abide by a high level of respect and maturity. Carrying our tag comes with the expectation you will appropriately represent the unit throughout the online community;
  • We don’t allow double clanning;
  • We expect every member to complete our training pipeline and participate in our weekly operations;
  • We treat each other as an online family. This means we operate with respect for one another and according to the “Golden Rule.”


Come talk to us on our TeamSpeak 3 server at: geronimo509.ts.nfoservers.com